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Friday, May 16, 2008

Why I blog?

While walking home, I ask myself why I wanna start blogging.... I am always a fashion follower....I guess ......I will blog bec it's a fashion to blog!

But will I be a good blogger??? It doesn't matter...... Will strangers come to read my blog???? who cares.......... I am a shy person......Am I ready to let strangers into my life???? Am I doing that ? Says who???? Will my blogging reflect what kind of person I am????
Depends on what I blog I guess....

Suddenly I recalled my father's words '' You don't talk....people will not say you are dumb'' ( hokkien transalation : LU BOH KONG OAH, LANG BOH KONG LU AIR-KOW!!!!)
I miss you ,dad!
Don't get it wrong I am not DUMB!.....I am a DUMB who talks too much as a kid!

Finally I am are welcome to walk me home!!!!!!