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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Wild Peanut Flower

I have Wild Peanut Flower in my garden.

Actually I dunno what you call them. They look like the peanut plant but they do not have peanuts under the ground.
See the picture of them flourishing in a front patch of my garden.
They look best growing under a shade of a tree.

Don't you think they are pretty!! Makes you wanna lay on them......

Anyone interested to have some can drop me a line. I can send some to you by post. Don't laugh its a very hardy plant and you can keep it in your cupboard for a week then plant them and it will still survive. Ha ha ha ha ah !!

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layleng said...

Hey Ah swan Aunty swan :P

This plants really weird, why i didn't see it before. Why called peanut? can be blend them become peanut hor? wakkakaka

hehe, seriously what does it call it hokkien? hami hua? only plant on the ground but not in the pots?

walao eh, i've lots of question!

pinkswan said...

Leng lui, You never seen them b4 because it was recently planted only. It used to be a baby pool there with waterliles.
I call it peanut flower....hokkien...thor tau hua! kekeke. Bec they resembles the peanut flower.
You can plant them on pots too...but then you will not feel the vast green with tiny spring of yellow flowers.

layleng said...

aiyo, terus translate thor tau hua, wa mm eh hiao! :p kekeke..

OK la see when's the time i meet you only ask you get some seeds for me :) hehe! No empty pots or ground to plant for now pun...