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Monday, June 8, 2009

Sunday At Home

This is Jay Cheng . Very well adapted now. Walks freely in and out of my house.

Making friends with the neighbour , Heimen.

Come shake hands!
Doesn't speak a word but can call ah mah, ...that's me!

By the way he is 15 months and going to be promoted very soon.
He loves to go for car ride!

Sunday evening , planted some house plants with HYDRO JELLY.

From left : blue, green , yellow and white hydro-jelly in teapot and arrow-head yam plant,
pink, crystal pink and clear crystal hydro-jelly and pink colour yam plant,
water and money plant.

This is how the hydro-jelly looks after soaking he crystals in water for 20minutes. Looks good enough to eat!!!!

and the blue, green , yellow and white hydro-jelly.....before putting into the teapot with plants.

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