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Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Wonderful Plastic. Be careful!

Many things happened in the past week.....
I fell down my new office stairs. Yes I wore 1 inch heels , I always did. I fell because its a new flight of steps in my life, and not because of anything else.
Thanks for your concern. Nothing serious .I stumble on my steps and somersaulted and landed on my feet. I sprain an ankle and bruise a knee . Kekekeke!
Worse of the week, was ....I lost my credit card..... and somebody had a shopping spree with it!
When ? Where? How? No idea!
I lost it, if I know when, where or how ........... then I wouldn't say I lost it!

How I found out? Well the XXX Bank Fraud Department called me.
'Hello MS Tan , did you spend your card yesterday in XXXXX, YYY , GGG and TTT???'
No, No, No and NO... to all the 8 transactions in the 4 hours that night! I guess they got suspicious and decided to call me!

But why only after all the spendings!??

I immediately call my Credit Card Center on the toll free number to confirm that the call was from them ( now adays many fraud) I report the LOSS and cancel my card.
I was both GLAD and SAD.
GLAD that I was informed but SAD too. Isn't it a little too late!?? Couldn't they have call me yesterday evening to confirm my transactions on the spot, since the spendings were so suspicious ?

Just to show how suspicious looking the transactions were. They were all done within 4 hours.

1. ABC mart ( Pekan PQR) 99.35
2. ABC mart (Pekan PQR) 111.60
3. ABC mart (PekanPQR) 236.45
4. XYZ Store (Pekan PQR) 546.20
5. Shell Petrol Station 137.02
6. Caltex Petrol Station 60.00
7. Petronas Petrol Station 70.75
8. Petronas Petrol Station 200.00

So I call the FRAUD Department to make an appeal to dispute all those .
REASON FOR DISPUTE: I did not sign for the transactions.

A week later the fraud department called, ask me to make a police report so that they could investigate my case. And so I did.
I thought it will be an easy report like you make for loss of identity card or your wallet. But no....
the inspector had to take my statement. He kept me in his office for 3 hours. Interrogating me, wanted to make sure that I or any of my close family really did not spend the thousand over ringgit with that card.
Luckily the inspector was good looking and friendly . Hahahaha! I had a good time. That 3 hours didn't really felt that long. He talked as though he was on my side all the time. He is a cash person and never believe in holding a credit card. He told me he does not believe that the credit card will do any investigation for me.
After taking my statement, the young inspector promised me that he will investigate the case for me. Lets wait and see what will happen.

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jintanmanis said...

O dear! Poor Swan..,,You're going on holiday tomorrow... Obviously yr card has been compromised. You don't need to pay right? Any lawyer friends to cnsult?