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Saturday, June 14, 2008

My Love for Food.

I like Bak Kut Teh .....but its not my favourite.
I like Java Mee , but that's not my favourite either.

What about Penang Asam Laksa , Hokkien Mee ( Har mee) , Nasi Lemak,Fried Kuey Teow, Fried Ying Yong?

Are desserts and cakes considered FOOD? Cendol, Ice kacang, blueberry cakes, cheesecake?

What about fruits and snacks?? Durians , mangosteens, papayas , mangoes????

Chocolate and ice-cream??? Huh???!!!

What is meant by favourite food?
I think its easier for me to list food I dislike.... cannot think of any...
???? ....Food I can live without.......(smile) earthworms and grasshoppers??!!!
Hahaha.....believe me I really cannot think of anything food I dislike!


Fish! Yes, my favourite food is fish. Any kind of fish ,cooked, uncookes, salted or serve in any manner!

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