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Friday, June 13, 2008

Memories .........

I watched this movie "Goodfellas" (1990) last night, or rather this early morning. This is a godfather type of movie about Italian Mafia .Anyway...... there was this scene in the movie that reminds me of my days back in 1998 when IH was running his fish business in Thailand.
Back in 1998, IH was with Southern Haulier Co Ltd Thailand. He was Executive Director of this logistic company , and in Thailand if you got 'money' you are like the Mafia .
I remember those days , I would visit IH every Friday in Hatyai, and we would go dinner and later clubbing till dawn .
He was always entertaining guests from oversea (mainly from Malaysia and Singapore at time) so he is very familiar with the restaurants and night spots managers.

Like the mafia , he never had to queue at the hotspots.......He will just pay his way in.

The real LIFE scene of IH and Swan in Hatyai 1998, similair to the movie scene.........after having dinner at the best seafood restaurant in the city......
When we arrive at the front of the Club, IH had the valet attend to our car . He grabbed my hand (long time he din do that ady!!!!) ,hastily bypass the long line into the entrance by taking a side entryway, winding through hallways and then into the bustling kitchen area with cooks and helpers, pass other patrons waiting inside, and within minutes, we were set-up by the Club Captain at a prime, front-row table (hastily resurrected out of nowhere and set up especially for us at ringside).

(ME , melting....) Impressed by his endless cash supply, his familiarity with everyone and his innumerable friends , his power, and his slick waggering style: giving 200 baht each along the way in.!!!!!
As soon as we were seated, one group sends over 2 glasses of 'SWING' (whiskey) on the rocks......must be his clubbing buddies.
The captain took our our bottle arrived, the DJ came over to our table , chatted and we offer him a drink. IH tipped him to play our song ....heehee romantic IH !!!
As the DJ was leaving , he passed 2 lucky draw tickets. IH passed them to me saying.....sure win number!!!!! I din know was he meant until later at the end when the DJ call out the final lucky number as he drew out a slip!!!! wakakakaka!! All plan for me to win the biggest teddy bear of the night!!!! (Me all melted!!!!!!!)
IH's few years in Hatyai.....I WONDERED HOW MANY LADIES DIEDed IN HIS HANDS!!!!!! ?????
Dearest IH , Happy Father's Day !!!! Your Endless Love..........pinkSwan.


Michy said... sweet la IH.
Hmm, i so wish my future could be jealous ..

Anonymous said...

Soooo sweet ah!!

Ask IH sing endless love with guitar! Sure *melted*

I also want BIG BEAR!! :)

w e i t i n g said...

wo wo aunty swan!!!!

凡奇 said...

hahha。。。what a lovely couple...