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Monday, December 15, 2008

Goodbye Nokia , Hello Sony Ericsson !

Lost my reading glasses .....and now my handphone. All in the same week!

Everyone up north Kedah/Perlis be alert! If you see anyone using a Nokia 6300 with Danell's Angin Malam or Everytime as ringtone, you can bet its my lost handphone!!!!Hiaz!!

Ya, my handphone got stolen.
I was shopping in a boutique in Kangar. After trying some dresses in the changing room, I returned the bunch back to the counter. I had my handphone in one hand. I guess I must have put the phone down together with the clothes as I took my purse out to pay for a dress I picked. That's the last time I had my phone!
I discovered I lost my phone when I got to my office, fifteen minutes later. I call my phone from my office line. It was switch off already!
I rushed back to the shop and ask the shop assistant if she saw my handphone. The answer was obvious. I search the whole shop , I guess she must have kept it away! Bless her! That will be the last time I go to that shop no matter how much I love her clothes. So so sad!

The most frustrated part is ...... I lost all my contacts........Aagrh!!!

Nokia 6300

The best part is , I get to inherit Idolhunter's almost new sony Ericsson P1i!
Better images , bigger memory, better sound....Yeah! Like they say...old one dun ones won't come!!

pic of Sony Ericsson P1i

So my dear friends if you don't mind send me Xmas Greetings so that I can re-record your contact numbers.Remember to put your names ok!

Merry Christmas!....cheers, joy and peace to you! Ho Ho Ho!!!

(Oh ya...someone ask me . Anything 'secret' you lost with the handphone? ahemm(whisper) inside my lost phone there were lots of XXX video clip! hee hee!)

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chilicandy said...

aww... its real terrible thing to lose all contacts and cute pictures saved in the phone...
remember to bath in 5 color flowers to buang the 'suey'... hopes all the bad thing ends ya !