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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas in the City !

Its Shung's first Christmas in the city , and he is full of curiosity and excitement........
He has been to his first New Year countdown when he was 1+ but never been to the city with stories of Santa before.
''Santa comes to earth on Christmas eve to give toys to boys and girls who has been 'good' throughout the year!''
So remember to be good, and when you see Santa, remember to tell him what you want...and remember to tell him where you live!!!''
That's the story.....

Ya! I have been good!

Gee-Ma , can I touch the Christmas tree??

All these toys are for pick and choose what you want and you tell Santa, and he will bring you the toy on Christmas eve.

Nothing to his likes.....
........after hours he couldn't find anything he really wanted.

'I know ady...I want a PSP for Christmas!
"Jiu Jiu can you take me to Santa ? I got a message for him."

There was Christmas in the air...but no Santa!
After walking for hours....still no sign of Santa....(apa punya shopping mall??.... tarak Santa!)

Hello! Have you seen Santa???!!!

The search continue after dinner .......

Still no sign of Santa!

Our little fellow was SO desperate for Santa....and when this charming young 'stranger' appear at our door greeting us all with ....
"Ho ho ho ! Merry Christmas everyone!''
...... he was SO sure that he was Santa! Hahahahaha!!!
Nothing I told him was gonna change his mind!
So he went to whisper in this stranger's ear his christmas wish! (so cute) wakakakaka!!
Should have taken the picture of his joyous excited look! Sorry no pictures of that!
Sure his wish was repeated loudly for all to hear!
'' Ah shung wants a PSP for Christmas!!!'' (which we already know)
(Yes this stranger is Johnson Wee)
Grandpa ask why he did not ask his Dad to buy him a PSP instead.
His reply " Daddy's money is for taking us for trips to places like Genting! Dad will not buy toys for me."
So his hope is that Santa will.
" Dear Santa, My name is Lo Jay Shung, I want a PSP for Christmas!''
''My house is in Changlun.''
Santa John was here to collect something.......
as he packed ( shung was thinking...Santa is packing gifts for little boys and girls)......
shung watch him closely and when he was about to leave,
shung escorted Santa John down to the guard house with Jiu Jiu.
He came back and told me ....
"GeeMa, Santa did not disappear or neither did he come with his reindeer! "
But still , he believed this stranger was Santa!!!

Merry Christmas!!!!! Ho Ho Ho!!!!!


layleng said...

What a interesting christmas story telling!! kekeke, so cute la shung!!

But hor when Santa come over Changlun, he has to shout, "where's Lo Jay Shung???!!!" coz Changlun so big!! kekekekeke...

John santa!! Muahahaha... No bears no fat :p heeee!

Genielow said...
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