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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Pictures from my Nokia.

From my Nokia.....
1. Salad helping from Pizza Hut.
2. My Fruit Salad
Bowl - taken on 2nday Diet...kekeke!

How to stack 1 helping salad for 5 persons at pizza hut.
1. Lay the peas and beans at bottom of salad bowl ,then arrange the cucumber sticks around to widen the bowl......can you see the cucumber sticking out the salad bowl???
Then add the salads ,coleslaw , tomatoes ,melons, watermelons, onions......and whatever fruits they have .Finally the dressings......there you got it ....salad enough for 5 persons!!!

How to make Fruit Salad .
2. Simple fruit salad bowl of red apples , pears, strawberries, sunkist and kiwi fruit!!!! You can add cream dressing if you want!!! Slurrrp!!

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