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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Going to Thailand just for dinner?

At last I found a place where they serve fresh oysters!! Water View Restuarant, Danouk, Thailand!

Karen arrange for us to leave for dinner at 6pm but we were thinking , why go so early,Danouk is just 15mins drive fom Changlun. So we dily dely and started our journey 7pm. Got caught in a jam at the immigration and by the time we got there it was too dark to take any good pictures.
Next trip we plan to go early and will take IH !
And will remember to take pictures of of the place and all the food before we wallop them ! Slurppp!

On our way to dinner, Dylan called Jeannie. He said 'Hi' to us .He asked 'Going to Thailand just for dinner!!???' ...he sounded surprised. Hahahaha!!! Why not ? Its only minutes away from us.


Ping Ping said...

looks good, in fact, HUGE OYSTERS...but I am not really an oyster person. Hehehe..I only eat the eggs when I order fried oyster.
Shung Shung is still looking cute as ever.

Jeannie Lee said...

haha liek you sed,
its the wonder of changlun!
you can go thailand just for dinner,