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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Yoga Sun Salutation.

Five years ago, I attended my first YOGA Class in Alor Setar.
I liked the class very much. Its was very relaxing and I come out of each lesson walking straight and full of energy!
Two years later, I attended another class in Changlun , I learnt the same 1st Stage Yoga, hoping the class will continue with the 2nd stage...but it never did.
I read somewhere that it is good enough if you can do 4 Sun Salutations each time for daily exercise and increasing to 12 sun salutations as your strength and stamina increases.
The serenity of Yoga Sun Salutation is a series of 12 continuous movements which will tone and strengthen your whole body while increasing your flexibility.
Yoga done with proper breathing sequence will help you develop peace of mind ,dropping stress, improvement your balance, gain energy and lose weight etc etc...
Look at the youtube below......

are you ready for it???
Go register yourself into a good Yoga class!

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