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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Diet Rules and Info

This is a 10 Day Diet which "changes" your calories constantly

Every few days your calories will be SHIFTED to force FAST weight loss to happen. But that's not the ONLY way that your menu will change...

In addition to shifting your calories every few days, you'll also be assigned a totally DIFFERENT diet menu every 10 Days.

This ensures even faster fat burning.

You don't have to "Count Carbs"

You don't have to read food labels because our ""on-line diet generator"" already knows what types of calories are in each type of food.

You'll be asked to select your favorite foods and then you'll be given an 10 day menu which arranges those foods in the proper order each day.

The right calories are automatically inserted into your menu without you having to read food labels ever.


This means that your diet meals have no specific limits on "calories" and you should eat until you feel satisfied at each meal.

If you're still hungry then EAT...

The only rule is that you should never stuff yourself full or else the diet will not work as effectively.

You may eat your 4 Daily Meals in ANY order and at ANY time

You will be given 4 daily meals.

...These meals will be labeled as "Meal #1" thru "Meal #4".

...You may eat these meals in ANY order. (e.g. You may eat Meal #1 first, second, third or last -- same with the other 3 meals).

Also, you may choose the exact meal times yourself as long as you wait at least 2 1/2 hours between meals.

Allowable List of Drinks

*You may consume these drinks either with (or) without meals, and you may consume them in UNLIMITED amounts.


Flavored Coffee or Tea is allowed if the calories per glass are less than 10.

These Condiments are Allowed with ANY meal

Other condiments are allowed ONLY if they have no calories.

Barbecue Sauce
(or) Seasoning Salt
Lemon Pepper
Lemon Juice
Low Fat Mayonnaise
Artificial Sweeteners
Molly McButter
(and other butter flavored powders

You must drink at least 10 Glasses of Water every day

In order for the diet to work properly you must drink at least TEN glasses of water every single day.

This liquid will help your body to burn fat and to flush out excess water that you are holding.

Rules for ALCOHOL

You are allowed a maximum of ONE GLASS of "wine" per day. This is totally optional.

However, you may not substitute another snack or drink in place of the wine.

It is not okay to drink Light Beer or other low calorie alcoholic beverages while on this diet.

Drinking more than one glass per day will reduce the effectiveness of the diet, so please use caution.

You get a 3 day CHEAT PERIOD after every 10 days on this diet...

After you use this diet for 10 days you MUST take 3 days off and eat normally, this is like a 3 day "cheat period".

During this 3 day break you should eat whatever you want to, you may eat junk food if you want to.

The only rule is that you should never eat so much that you feel "full" since you do not want to gain back any of the fat you have just worked so hard to lose.

This "cheat period" is necessary to force more fat burning to happen during the next 10 Day diet period.


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