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Sunday, October 26, 2008

My New Noxxa Breadmaker

Purchased a Noxxa Breadmaker from Amway......

I have never bake bread in my life before this , and now I am, thanks to Noxxa Breadmaker.

Making bread the easy and simple ways.

I wanna share my recipe!

Soft Loaf Bread

water (iced) - 300ml
castor sugar - 3 tbsp
milk powder - 3 tbsp
butter - 40gm
salt - 1 1/2 tsp
high protein flour - 400gm
rose flour (plain) - 100gm
instant yeast -1tbsp

Put the ingredients in and leave it on the Noxxa Breadmaker. Select bread function 1.

After 3 hours you get perfect a loaf.

Nice to eat with Kaya spread or butter/jam spread.

Happy baking!


rumet said...

hi there... i just tried baking bread user my parent's old Noxxa breadmaker.may i know how's your result.. i tried and mine turned out fine but the crust is a bit hard. u have any idea on how to improve it?

mykids said...

Hi...My friend just land me an old Noxxa bread machine. I never use the bread maker before. I wanna try the soft loaf bread. May I know how to prepare the iced water ( am I need to wait for all the ice to melt) and why need to use rose flour (I saw most of the bread recipes are using only high protein flour)?

Suthan said...

hi we need to make a dough for the bread or... just leave as it is!